Hello, we are Studio Squash, and this is our website for a very short period (actually for a while already).

Founded in 2012 by Vlad Butucariu and Irina Shapiro, we're an information and graphic design studio based in Rotterdam.

We're fascinated and attracted by the complexity of data either it's represented in text and numbers, images and videos, links and references, either all of these together. We help and work with our clients to transform such complexity in visual stories in order to facilitate accessibility, engagement and create awareness about particular subjects.

Our solutions are implemented in forms of campaigns, publications, info-graphics, websites, animations or interactive applications.

Since 2012 we curate and organize annually Open Set, a Dutch design summer school. This year for the first time we've organised two editions, one in Seoul, South Korea, and one as usual in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Want to leave us a message? Write a line at info[at]studiosquash.nl